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February 27, 2007

Bob Woodruff and the Casualties of War

Each day, she says, she tried to "calibrate how much hope I was going to have that day."

Those are the words of Lee Woodruff. Hope was a precious commodity for her since the day, one year ago, that her husband, ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff, was seriously injured in an IED attack in Baghdad. He had been traveling with an Iraqi convoy when the explosion hit and ripped off part of his head. Luckily for Bob, he was whisked into an operating room 37 minutes later, treated for severe brain injury and eventually recovered from the 36-day coma that followed. His wife, Lee, and their children were instrumental in his healing.

Hope Springs A Turtle has posted Howard Kurtz' WAPO article detailing the arduous recovery process that Woodruff and many of our soldiers in Iraq have faced after sustaining brain injuries in this war.  Not surprisingly, the Amercian public is not well-acquainted with these stories because, according to Woodruff and ABC News, George Bush's Pentagon is withholding information on how widespread these war injuries are.

I'm going to be giving up my usual Tuesday fare of Law & Order:SVU to watch Woodruff's report on ABC, tonight at 10 pm. I'm guessing those in the Bush White House will be watching as well, speedily crafting their dismissive response in time for tomorrow's news cycle.

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Thanks for the heads up - I loved the way they used Woodruff's amazing story as a hook to tell the stories of wounded troops as well. I hope the show got a giant audience - this information that ABC has assiduously ignored on its regular news broadcasts.

Posted by: op99 | Feb 28, 2007 4:09:01 AM

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