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February 05, 2007

Day Eight of the Libby Trial - Libby's Tapes Released

Today Judge Walton ruled that the Scooter Libby tapes of his testimony to the Grand Jury were going to be shown to the jury and also released to the public.  We will get 8 hours of his testimony tomorrow and our blogger-researchers will be able to go over that testimony in detail.  This is one of those places where this great new citizen activist online network is likely to allow us to understand more about the doings of this administration than would ever have been possible before. 

There was also a lot of additional cross-talk about the famous 1x2x6 article in the WAPO on Oct. 12, 2003 that was discussed last Thursday as well.  At one point, Fitzgerald was caught short implying that a lot of the prosecution's arguments against the OVP were related to the information in this article.  Hm.  Interesting doings to come.

There was also some additional questioning of FBI Agent Deborah Bond.  Nothing new was revealed.  It appears that Libby Defense Team lawyer Ted Wells was trying to trip Bond up by going over details of her previous testimony.  It seems to have had the effect of both annoying and boring the jury and everyone else in the courtroom which may have been the intent.  Hard to tell.

At the end of the day, the court showed this jury the first hour to two of the Libby tapes to the Grand Jury.  There will be eight additional hours tomorrow and then Tim Russert takes the stand on Wednesday and prosecution wraps up.  The mystery witness seems to have evaporated, no one knows why.

Jane is at the trial for the first time, just two weeks after her surgery.  She looks good - as this summary video-clip of the day attests to.  With her is Swopa who is taking over the live-blogging from Marcy Wheeler.

Swopa - Live blogging the Legal Jousting

Swopa - FBI Agent Bond, 6

Swopa - FBI Agent Bond, 7

Swopa - Lewis Scooter Libby, 1

Summary of the Day by Jane

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