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February 08, 2007

Day Eleven of the Libby Trial - The Case for Libby is Falling Apart

The prosecution rested it's case against Scooter Libby today and it's hard to imagine what the heck the defense will come up with next week.  Many trial watchers assume that the defense will have to put Libby up on the stand.  From the outside it looks like a tough call.  Without Libby they clearly have little to hope for.  At this point, it's pretty much Libby's word against everyone else's.  BUT . . if Libby were to testify, the odds are probably no better that he would go free and his testimony might lead directly to the Vice President himself - if Libby were to say anything outside of "I don't recall".   Even if, miraculously, Dick Cheney took the stand and told the truth about how he asked Libby to go after Wilson, it would still pretty much result in an obstruction of justice charge and a perjury charge for Libby and the likely resignation of Cheney. 

There is very little room left for the defense to maneuver. 

Tim Russert did not budge today.  Ted Wells, the Libby Defense Team lawyer who questioned Russert, could find no clear line of questioning.  He wandered all over the map and appeared to only succeed in boring the jury. 

Then Fitzgerald did an elegant, short, and reportedly brutal cross-exam - which must have been a thing of beauty to watch. He ended with the following, according to Swopa's live-blogging, not necessarily totally accurate interaction:    

F:  Did you read indictment?    

T: Yes, I think it was released after the news conference.    

F: What did you read?    

T: Parts invoving things I was claimed to have said.    

F: What did you think of those things.    

T: That they weren't true.    

F: No further questions.

Jane and Swopa have another great video-clip.  Swopa did yeoman's duty live-blogging.  And, another Firedoglake writer, Scarecrow, lays out the argument that Libby was clearly the proxy for Dick Cheney:

Swopa - Tim Russert, 3

Swopa - Tim Russert, 4

Swopa - Tim Russert, 5

Swopa - Tim Russert, 6

Jane - No Love for Imus

Scarecrow - Dick Cheney and the Dog that Didn't Bark

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