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February 15, 2007

Day Fifteen of the Libby Trial: Tedious Legal Wrangling

The lawyers wrangled today over the instructions that will be given the jury on Tuesday during closing arguments.  And the amounts of time each team would have to make their case.  Marcy, our amazing live-blogger, reports it all but it's still pretty boring stuff.

On the videotape today, Jane and Marcy talk today about where we are in the Libby trial and what it tells us.  They ask some questions about the enormous amount of money that people have contributed to the Libby Defense Fund.  The few contributors that they know of are neocons, such as James Woolsey.  They deduct that the entire defense has been an attempt to build a firewall around Dick Cheney, the President and the entire neocon project.  They said that everyone assumes that Libby has decided to take the fall with the assumption that he will be pardoned shortly before Bush leaves office in January, 2009. 

Today, the extraordinary Firedoglake coverage hit the front page of the New York Times.  Pretty cool.

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