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February 06, 2007

Day Nine of the Libby Trial - Watching Libby Squirm

Jane and Swopa, our intrepid Libby trial watchers, describe a delicious process whereby Prosecutor Fitzgerald asks a series of questions of Scooter Libby in front of the Grand Jury on video-tape that take Libby from a confident witness to a squirming, twisting guy who begins to see that his story is not holding up. Other people had said things that differed from his responses and the story that the administration laid out didn't make sense over time. He gets foggy, lowers his voice, asks over and over for the question, and just generally starts to melt down.

Clearly the Libby Defense Team is not going to put Libby on the stand in person.

Prior to that part of the day, Judge Walton ruled that David Sanger of the New York Times would be compelled to present testimony. Yet another loss by the defense team.

Tomorrow, Russert comes to the stand. Much of Libby's defense hinges on his story that he heard about Valerie Plame from Tim Russert. And Tim Russert is not likely to substantiate that claim.

Pop goes the weasel.

Jane and Swopa - A Day of Libby Grand Jury Testimony (with Video)

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Swopa - Libby's Taped Grand Jury Testimony, 2

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