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February 01, 2007

Day Seven of the Libby Trial: Libby Probably Heard of Plame from Cheney

Today was a big day in the Libby Trial. The government lawyers fought fiercely with Libby's lawyers over the decision about whether or not to show the jury Scottie McClellan's statements in fall 2003 about Bush being determined that anyone who leaked classified information would be fired. Libby's lawyers were desperate to prevent this, along with the questions from the journalists that prompted that and similar statements, from being shown. In the end, McClellan's statements were shown to the jury but not the questions that elicited those responses.

Libby's lawyers are still trying to prevent an Oct. 12, 2003 article in the WAPO from being introduced. It says that 1 person leaked Plame's identity to two senior administration officials who then told six journalists. (This has come to be known as the 1x2x6 theory.) Given that the article was in Libby's files, it is likely that the government will win this one, according to Marcy.

Finally, when the lawyers were done fighting about how to proceed mid-afternoon, an FBI agent, Deborah Bond, was called to testify about the FBI investigation of the possible unauthorized disclosure of Valerie Wilson's identity to the media.

She was crisp and straight-forward. The big news: Libby told her he found a handwritten note he had made during a phone conversation with the VP. The note - the smoking gun - indicated that Cheney told him that Plame worked at the CIA's counterproliferation division and that she was married to an outspoken critic of the Iraq War. This conversation tool place back on June 12, 2003, one month before Libby was said to have received that information from Tim Russert.

Russert is scheduled to be the government's final witness, later this next week. I have to assume that it is possible that Dick Cheney will testify as well. That is what Jane Hamsher has been fighting so hard to get back to see. (She is two weeks past a surgery for breast cancer and due to show up at the court on Monday. Yeah!)

Video-clip of MW: FBI Fingers Cheney

MW - FBI Agent Bond, 1 (The Lawyers Discuss What's Admissible)

MW - FBI Agent Bond, 2 (More Lawyerly Discussions)

MW - FBI Agent Bond, 3 (Have a Witness - Deborah Bond)

MW - FBI Agent Bond, 4

MW - FBI Agent Bond, 5

CHS - Well Isn't that Interesting?

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