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February 07, 2007

Day Ten of the Libby Trial - Russert Sinks Libby's Case

In fifteen minutes of questioning by prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, Tim Russert dismantled Libby's sloppy story of hearing about Plame's identity from him.  Of course, Fitzgerald set it up beautifully.  There were another three hours of video-tape of Libby's testimony in front of the Grand Jury in the morning, ending in a wrap-up of the many conflicts by Fitzgerald.  Then Russert flatly contradicts Libby's central lie. 

And Arianna, who has been on Russert's case since the beginning of the Plame affair, was in court today for the first time.  Turns out Russert had told his story about Libby freely to an FBI agent, Jack Eckenrode, well before he fought to prevent being subpoenaed by Fitzgerald and the Grand Jury.  Jane and Arianna and the entire gang were flummoxed.  They heard Russert say that he considered anything a member of the administration said to be confidential.  They talk, in a video of their report of the day, about how the folks in the administration and the folks in the media work together to keep the truth from the public. 

Two other media folks, Andrea Mitchell of NBC and Jill Abramson of the New York Times are also fighting subpoenas tonight that would call them before the jury tomorrow.  Oh, this gets more and more interesting!

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