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February 14, 2007

Day Fourteen of the Libby Trial: The Defense Rests

. . . because, well, what else could they do? No Libby; no Cheney; no Rove.   In their daily video-clip, Jane and Jeralyn and Marcy talk about how the Libby lawyers told the judge that they had acted in good faith.  They said they didn't get most of the statements of the government witnesses until late December.  Once they saw the material, they decided it was unlikely they would put Libby on the stand. 

Hm.  Marcy added at a later time that she thought the most damning thing in the trial was the video-tapes of Libby testifying before the Grand Jury.  She said that he went from sounding honest in the first appearances before the jury to looking like he was doing anything he could to weasel out of any straight answer.  Says a lot to me. 

Jeralyn says, however, that she doesn't think that either side made their case.  That means that the closing arguments, coming on Tuesday, will be particularly important.  She also said that the jury tends to pay best attention to the person they hear last.  That's Fitzgerald.   Alright!

Here's a fun piece from Jane in a piece she wrote today: 

As a side note: Jeralyn Merritt is indulging in some informed speculation to the effect that Team Libby actually focus-grouped Dick Cheney.  The results showed that he was so loathed that the ill-will risked spilling over onto Scooter.  And thus, given that the VP comes in slightly lower in popularity than novacaine-free dental surgery, the decision was made to not put him on the stand.

Otherwise, there was not a lot today.  The jurors finally came in at about 3:15, wearing red tee-shirts and giving a Valentine's Day greeting to the court.  This evidently startled the judge and lawyers but was enjoyed nonetheless.  Tim Russert was spared another time in the spotlight on the stand when the judge decided there wasn't anything particularly relevant.  Same with the defense's desire to bring in testimony from three FBI agents to attest to how very busy Scooter Libby was.  Not relevant.  I think I like this judge.

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