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February 13, 2007

Day Twelve of the Libby Trial: Pointlessly Interviewing Journalists

Yesterday the Libby Defense Team called a series of well-known journalists to "prove" that Libby hadn't revealed the information about Valerie Plame to them.  Jane, Marcy and Jeralyn, in their daily videotape report on the events of the day in the courthouse, said they figured every Pulitzer prize winning journalist, whom Libby had not mentioned Plame to, was called to testify.  The day's crop of journalists reporting thusly included Walter Pincus, Bob Woodward, David Sanger and Robert Novak to start, then Glenn Kessler, Evan Thomas, and Carl Ford.  Our three reporters said they really couldn't figure out what the point of it all was, except to make it clear that Libby hadn't told every reporter he talked to about Plame.  Yeah?

The rest of the day was spent with the lawyers talking to the judge about whether or not Libby needed to testify in order for the defense team to use the "memory defense".   To no one's surprise, we found out today that neither Libby or Cheney would be testifying.

MW - Lawyerly Jousting

MW - Walter Pincus

MW - Bob Woodward

MW - David Sanger

MW - Bob Novak, 1

MW - Bob Novak, 2

MW - A Gaggle of Journalists

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