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February 15, 2007

Eric Oemig Introduces Resolution on Impeachment

Freshman State Senator Eric Oemig calls the issue of impeachment a moral imperative for us.  In a videotape of his announcement today to sponsor a resolution calling for Washington State to petition Congress to impeach the President, Oemig talks about how he came to the decision to sponsor a petition to Congress to impeach the President.  He has decided that the issues he came to Olympia to work on, economic issues primarily, while still important, will have to temporarily take second place to this overarching issue of our times.  He says:

I figure that November was a pretty big message but I don't think Congress got it.

He goes on to say that It makes a difference who you elect.  How true.  Washington State is now amongst a handful of state that are addressing such a petition.  However, Postman says that Speaker Chopp is not likely to set the state's other priorities to pass this petition - unless we the voters rise up and ask them to.

I have had some difficulty getting behind the idea of spending precious time in Congress (or now the Legislature) dealing with impeachment when there is so much else to try to undo and do after six years of Republican rampage.  But, over time, I've come to think that the multiple attacks on our constitution by this President and Vice President must be addressed and that impeachment is the only way to do that.  Given that the President has not listened to the American people on a range of issues, in particular the war in Iraq, I reluctantly think we have to seriously consider it.  The push toward confrontation with Iran makes this imperative.

I have thought from the beginning that when Speaker Pelosi said that impeachment was not on the table, she was really saying "Impeachment is not something that Democrats will address unless the people rise up and Republicans join in." 

Here is the list of Washington State Senators who have cosponsored Oemig's bill: Harriet Spanel, Darlene Fairley, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Margarita Prentice, Karen Fraser, Debbie Regala, Claudia Kauffman and Adam Kline.  If, like me, your Senator is amongst them, consider writing and thanking him or her.  If not, consider writing to ask them to sponsor Senator Oemig's petition. 

And take a look at this videotape of Eric talking about why he is doing this.  It's pretty amazing.

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Impeach Bush it's only 6 years overdue!

Posted by: wes | Mar 19, 2007 10:28:22 PM

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