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February 17, 2007

Public Overwhelmingly Against NASCAR, Sonics Arena Subsidies

It's not just Seattle voters who are fed up with subsidizing pro sports while health care, education and the environment suffer. According to a recent statewide poll by Elway, reported in the PI today:

Asked a general question about whether pro sports owners should pay for
their own facilities without taxpayer subsidies, 71 percent agreed,
while 23 percent called subsidies a good investment.

About 77 percent opposed use of public dollars for major sports
facilities such as the Sonics' Renton proposal. Public financing for a
NASCAR racetrack was opposed by 79 percent.

Legislators take heed.  We you to deliver results on the big issues that matter, and not to waste our time and money on ridiculous boondoggles like pro sports subsidies.  We will hold you accountable, now and on election day.

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