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March 26, 2007

Emmett Asks a Great Question

Will McKay bring down Rossi?  We are learning a lot recently about the insidious back-channel, Republican partisan maneuvering that led to John McKay's firing last December. 

Emmett over at Washblog connects the dots that our own shoephone (many dots) and Dave at Homestead Blog have laid down and asks about the impact on Dino Rossi and his presumed run at the governor next year.

Posted by Lynn Allen on March 26, 2007 at 08:39 AM in Candidate Races, National and International Politics | Permalink


I rather doubt that the hearings will connect the dots to an extent that Rossi will be exposed as the scumball pulling the strings though we know this was his role. This in part is due to the lack of clear identities of close Rossi supporters for the committee staff to cross check as they look over released doccuments. Will those on the investigating committee know for instance that Skip Rowley is the largest GOP contributer in our state and a home town strong supporter of Dino's since he entered politics. And you can bet that Skip wrote a letter and pitched the issue in person in DC. Just providing the committee with the names of the top 25 contributers and GOP supporting Pac leadership from Washington would be a great asset to the committee.

Posted by: Particle Man | Mar 26, 2007 9:49:59 AM

Particle Man - in electoral politics, you don't necessarily have to produce a smoking gun in hearings. "Where there's smoke" will probably do almost as well, assuming the Washington blogs stay on the case. People can connect the last couple of dots pretty accurately on their own.

Posted by: op99 | Mar 26, 2007 11:48:35 AM

Well I was not talking about presidential politics. I was talking about politics in state wide races here in Washington state. In this arena, it will be very difficult to make this thing stick to Rossi without a finding of fact showing his connection from the committee hearings. Without this clarity the papers will not cover the story of how Rossi puller the strings.
The best thing so far that we can work with are McKay's own words where he says he did not proceed with an investigation as result of there being nothing to the alligation of election fraud.

Posted by: Particle Man | Mar 26, 2007 3:42:23 PM

PM - please keep on it, because you're right -- at the moment it's hard to connect dots directly to Rossi. "Follow the money" may well be our instruction here.

We do have Vander Stoep's involvement as a top advisor to Rossi, and his subsequent rejection of McKay for the judgeship. And since McKay's eventual interview with Miers and Kelley took place shortly before he was fired as USA... what happened in that two or three week period? And though McKay apparently can't remember the exact date of the interview (he's said it was either late August or early September) ther has to be a record of it in the White House counsel's office. We haven't seen any documents from the counsel's office, only the repetititous and redacted docs from the DOJ.

Posted by: shoephone | Mar 26, 2007 4:18:10 PM

I posted much the same thing over on Postman after Richard Pope dredged up some campaign contribution info showing how John's brother Mike McKay while running the Bush campaign in this state, gave to both Ron Sims and Chris Gregoire.

One thing we know for sure is that John and Mike McKay are principled law and order kind of guys. If you doubt this, ask yourself if John doubted for an instant that his choice to defend the integrity of his office would get him in the end.

So, why would the state chair of the Bush campaign donate to both of the top primary challengers on the Democratic side rather than to GOP shoe in Dino Rossi? The answer is simple really. Rossi was under investigation in connection with Ralph Heidi who employed Rossi and was sent away for fraud. Rossi got his first rental property from Ralph just before it would have been seized and Heidi's son was Rossi's treasurer in an early Rossi campaign.

When you factor in that Rossi continued to help run Heidi's company while he was in jail and later,the sleazy real estate deal with Rossi and a top lobbyist where millions were made while Rossi was chair of Senate Ways and Means, it is easy to understand why these brothers, with all they knew, would rather see either of the democrats than Rossi as governor.

Posted by: Particle Man | Mar 27, 2007 9:11:58 AM

PM - yeah, I responded to Richard's take-down of the McKay Bros. over at Postman's too.

You know a lot about the Rossi connections -- why don't you write up a post about it at Washblog? Get a conversation going, maybe others can offer extra info...

Posted by: shoephone | Mar 27, 2007 9:59:01 AM

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