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March 16, 2007

Goldy Has A Great Point

Where's Rossi?  Goldy is asking the question and it's a great one.  Why is it that no one is asking what Dino Rossi thinks about any of the critical issues facing our state? 

The gas tax, I-912’s effort to repeal it, gay civil rights, the inheritance tax, the Viaduct, I-933’s attempt to dismantle land use regulation, and nearly every other editorial inducing issue… Dino Rossi, the titular leader of Washington Republicans, has refused to weigh in by publicly lending his voice of authority to one side or the other. You’ve got to admire his discipline and consistency.

But then, we shouldn’t really expect anything less from a man whose 2004 campaign was long on the promise of new leadership but short on any prior history thereof.

Goldy reminds us of that the time when a candidate like Rossi can get away without having to address these and other issues is past.  2004 might have been the last year that was fully possible.  We bloggers will be here to ask those questions and remind the local reporters to do the same. 

Posted by Lynn Allen on March 16, 2007 at 10:19 PM in Strategery | Permalink


That's a good question alright, especially when you consider that Rossi only lost by a couple of hundred votes on the third recount.

Posted by: Cujo359 | Mar 17, 2007 12:20:23 PM

"Where is Rossi" is more of a fun jab then a really bright question. His goal is to get as long of a free ride into the 08 cycle as possible and the reasons for this and methods to achieve it should be understood even as we take jabs at him in an effort to tax his credibility and draw him out.

In the world of politics, the press and the voters have long had the ability to embrace a "new" candidate who seems to be saying good general things and to give money and to avoid exposing his/her lack of depth and flaws. This honeymoon effect is so attractive that candidates and consultants think long and hard about how to create this for their race and prolong it.

For Rossi, this is a problem when taken with the need to feed his base. The book scam was a tool that filled almost two years and now its Forward (read backward) Washington with its "divers board" that he will use to attack the Gov and the D majorities along with Esser and McKenna. But for now they are just sitting back and adding up talking points while letting the D's generate as many as possible, giving us all the rein.

It is hard to say what Rossi's real beliefs are and even harder to predict what his campaign persona's "beliefs" will be. But staying out of the spotlight for a spell will give him more latitude in this area. I know him to be strongly Pro-life, staunchly antigay, and willing to flow with the wind in so many other areas. He is a follower of Newt Gingrich and follows his play book from the 90's. In Rossi's first run at Senate for instance, he ran as "the only TRUE conservative in the race" and his candidacy announcement the second time lead off by proclaiming that he was the "only TRUE moderate in the race"

So as Rossi looks to the 08 rematch his goals are to remain undefined for as long as possible, create himself as a new newlywed in order to get another pass from the press on his ethically lacking past and maintain control of his talking points. So, the stronger Gregoire is and the economy is the later we will see Rossi come out to play. He will start to talk first about the big durable issues like how much those democrats raised the budget and spent the peoples money. But I expect him to take things slow since things are going very well.

Posted by: Particle Man | Mar 19, 2007 7:50:30 AM

That all makes a great deal of sense. I guess the question is simply to remind people occasionally that he hasn't weighed in on the issues of the day or been forced to make the tough decisions.

I know for me, it was a reminder to bring that us periodically.

Posted by: Lynn | Mar 19, 2007 8:01:27 AM

Yes. Agreed. Understanding his goals should help us form ours.
Asked what he would do about the viaduct a few months ago Rossi said he would "leave it up to the engineers" if he were the Governor. This moment represented one of the rare moments where Rossi got asked what would you do if you were the gov about a major issue and this is how he dodged the issue.
So what is the job of those in the press? If Rossi is going to delay the moment when he becomes a formal candidate by hiding behind his 501C-3 and the state party then the press must not play along and facilitate this strategy. We must help the MSM do there job and every time Rossi seeks the spotlight, he needs to be pressed for detailed answers and dodges must be followed with follow up questions. He cannot be given a free ride.
This task of motivating the MSM will be no small task as they want him in the race more than anything and the reporters want access as the campaign moves forward. These desires are why candidates like Rossi are able to maximize the honeymoon effect. We need to counter this by taking them to task at every turn.

He needs to be asked questions like: "Mr Rossi it is well known that you champion reductions in regulations on business as a way to help the economy. From the years when you worked with Ralph Heidi who was sent to prison during your employment for defrauding seniors and other investors in real-estate deals, do you think more or less regulations would have helped protect those victims?

Posted by: Particle Man | Mar 19, 2007 9:10:04 AM


Posted by: Lynn | Mar 19, 2007 9:43:07 AM

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