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March 11, 2007

McKay Got a "Keep Quiet" Phone Call from DOJ

It turns out that ousted U.S. attorney John McKay got a threatening phone call from MIchael Elston, chief of staff to one of Gonzales' deputies, long before Bud Cummins did. Cummins immediately sent an email warning to the other prosecutors that DOJ was planning on smearing them unless they kept their traps shut. As expected, Elston is claiming total innocence -- he just doesn't understand how either Cummins or McKay could have misconstrued the nature of those calls. Hmm.

(H/T to Leslie in CA)

Update, from the "surprise, surprise" department: The White House fesses up -- to a point -- about Karl Rove's involvement in the U.S. attorney firings, and just in the nick of time too. Congress has made clear its intention to question him about it.

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There wouldn't be enough votes in the Senate to convict, but I still think the House impeaching Alberto Gonzales is the right thing to do, and politically smart if the Dems play their cards right. Make the Republics defend a vote against holding the war criminal and dictator enabler to account.

For starters:


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