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March 05, 2007

Selma Shows How Lucky We Democrats Are

The Democrats have candidates that are going to knock our socks off. 

There's been all this hype about the conflict between Obama and Clinton over the black vote.  Yeah, okay.   But what is really interesting is listening to both of their talks in Selma.  They were both outrageously good.

Barack Obama spoke at  Brown Chapel in Selma yesterday.  He is genuinely able to mix in facts with narrative with stories in a way that calls to us.  I'm betting that African-Americans are seeing Obama as a Martin Luther King for our times.  I'm betting that the rest of us, some sooner than later, will begin to see the same thing.  Because we are living in an age of YouTube, we non-blacks can get a fuller benefit of Obama's combination of preacher, social worker, seer and leader.  This page on Obama's website has two long video-clips of Obama's talk in a black church in Selma.  He is talking to black people in a black church.  But we get to listen in.  Find yourself something to do - yoga, cooking, rocking the 8-month old, something and listen in.  Or just be absorbed by it.  It's a treat.

Hillary Clinton, speaking at another church in Selma, got a rousing welcome for her remarks as well.  This much shorter YouTube video-clip of her talking is great as well and certainly seemed to have a positive impact on her audience. 

I so hope that we in Washington State get to come into the primary process before a candidate is anointed.  We are in a very critical time slot in the primary calendar next year.  There are the four early states between January 14th and Jan. 29th - Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  Then there is the huge Primary Tuesday on Feb. 5th when Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Utah all vote.  Then comes us - four days later.  Our primary caucuses are currently likely to be on February 9th, a Saturday.   

But do you really think the nation will have decided after Feb. 5th?  I don't.  I think the candidates will be coming to town on that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in preparation for our caucuses on Saturday the 5th.  How fun.   

Hat tip to Howie, writing at his other blog, "Seattle for Barack Obama".

UPDATE ON CAUCUS PORTION OF POST:  I just got a note from a friend with a link to an article in the Olympian that questions whether or not the state parties are even going to hold caucuses.   Odd.  I sat in a State Democratic Party meeting on Saturday where we spent a day mostly talking about the caucuses.  I'm sure this will be clarified soon but until then, it's confusing.    

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