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April 25, 2007

Karl Rove, the White House and Those RNC Email Accounts

Think Progress.org posts the letter that the Republican National Committee sent to Congressman Henry Waxman, listing the names of 37 White House employees using RNC email instead of White House email. The organization claims the total includes 50 people and that more names will be forthcoming.

In addition to Karl Rove's use of the RNC email address, it's expected that a few people in his Office of Political Affairs, sheltered snugly inside the White House, are also on that list. In fact, the letter shows 36 names plus one lone entry that reads "OPA intern". I doubt that Waxman will let that person's anonymity fly. There may be concerns about divulging the name of a White House intern -- especially one under the age of 18, and after the Foley sex scandal -- but it's the OPA that's at the bottom of current White House scandals. So, interns aside, I'll be highly suspect if Glynda Becker's name isn't on the revised list. She's the former Rove assistant who oversaw the political goings-on in the western states. That position made her the go-to gal for the WA State GOP's complaints (and, on occasion, threats) with regard to fired US Attorney John McKay. Becker acted as the liason between the cabal of Vance/ McCabe/ Williams/ Hastings and the interested parties in both Rove's and Gonzales' offices.

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