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April 08, 2007

Northwest Radio Show Fighting the American Taliban

Right here in the Northwest, Trinity United Methodist Church's Reverend Rich Lang has started a radio show to teach people that Jesus was not a material being that wanted to eradicate estate taxes and control your body:

Is evangelical fundamentalism the only way to practice Christianity? Of course not. In fact, many liberal Christians believe it is the wrong way.

Now, a progressive pastor in Ballard wants to do something about it on the air. Rich Lang, pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church, has started an exciting radio program called Living Faith Now to take back the faith and reclaim Christianity. An alternative Christian talk show, Living Faith Now lifts up the themes of nonviolence, compassion, cooperation and community. It will articulate the progressive family values of Jesus, his commitment of economic justice to the poor, care of creation, compassion for the excluded, and resistance to empire!

An example of some topics coming up in future shows are:

*** Why the Church must evolve.
*** How to be a spiritual family.
*** Prayer as revolutionary power.
*** Are We a Christian Nation?
*** Are Nuclear Weapons a Heresy?
*** What happens after we die?
*** Who would Jesus Bomb?
*** Can the Church be Gay? Homosexuality as Christian Sacrament
*** George Bush and the Spirit of Antichrist

Living Faith Now can be heard live in Seattle on KKNW (1150 AM) Fridays at 2 pm. You can also stream it.

This coming week (April 13) our guest will be Michelle Goldberg, author of Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism and we will discuss the question, “is the Christian Right still a political threat to democracy?”

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