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May 23, 2007

Big Names for YearlyKos Convention

There was a big announcement today about the presidential candidates who will be attending YearlyKos (Aug. 2-5 in Chicago).  They have John Edwards, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson set for a panel. 

It's time to sign up to attend.

There are a lot of reasons to attend YearlyKos and this is merely one of them.  There will be a range of big name Democrats, candidates for office and activist organizers and bloggers speaking and a lot of smaller topic panels and opportunities to meet other folks from around the country who care about the direction of this country.

For those of us who attended last year, it was an amazing thing to be in on the ground floor of the new, people-powered politics.  This year is likely to be very different.  YearlyKos has hit the big-time.  There will be a lot of sponsors, probably a lot more people and less ability to bump into the big-name bloggers or shake hands with Ambassador Wilson or talk with Arianna Huffington one-on-one.  It will be great in a different kind of way. 

So, if you think you might want to attend, pop over to the website.  Prices for attending go up on June 1st, the limited number of lower-fare, on-site hotel rooms are likely to disappear soon and the convenient flights are already filling up.   

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