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May 14, 2007

DOD blocks Soldiers Access to YouTube, MySpace and Others Sites

HuffingtonPost is carrying an AP Story about the Pentagon's new policy to block soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan from having access to websites like MySpace and YouTube. Their excuse is that the activity jams up DOD networks and could compromise security information.

The Defense Department cut off access to about a dozen popular Web sites last week on all department computers worldwide. Warnings of the shutdown went out in February, and allowed personnel to seek waivers if accessing the sites was necessary for their jobs.

The armed services have long barred members of the military from sharing information that could jeopardize their missions or safety, whether electronically or by other means. The new policy is different because it creates a blanket ban on several sites used by military personnel to exchange messages, pictures, video and audio with family and friends.

Members of the military can still access the sites on their own computers and networks, but Defense Department computers and networks are the only ones available to many soldiers and sailors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As if it's the U.S. Soldiers who are responsible for the disgusting and dishonest waging of these wars. As if the soldiers -- who are, literally, giving up their lives in order to line the pockets of people like George Bush and Dick Cheney and their cronies at KBR -- are to blame for the now commonplace security breaches in the Green Zone; for the behind-the-scenes shenanigans over oil revenue laws; for the long-standing hostilities between Muslim sects that were kept at bay during Saddam's reign but were unleashed when the neo-cons created a political vaccum in the region; for the debacle of leaving Bin Laden alive in Tora Bora and the subsequent resurgence of the Taliban, and on and on and on. Yeah, that's right. It's the incompetence of the soldiers? It's because the soldiers can't keep their mouths shut about security information??? I THINK NOT. But George Bush, who can't climb his way out of that paper bag with the words "28% Approval Rating" written in blood across it's frayed edges, is happy to allow his Penatgon to cut the soldiers off from their families and friends back in the states if it means extending the wars so that a few more dollars can be dumped into the Crony's Kitty. I'm sure the families of those soldiers will be made to understand what the real priorities are when the already fragile morale of our military has finally sunk to the bottom of the Euphrates River.

Update: In the last couple of hours, the AP has updated this story since the original appeared. Looks like the soldiers in the field have a lot to say about this.

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So our military is supposedly fighting to "protect our freedon," but at a cost of the continual erosion of their own "freedom" - not only this, but the stop loss provisions that prevent them from getting out when their hitch should be up, and making their tours an insane 15 months.

Posted by: op99 | May 14, 2007 2:36:19 PM

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