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May 20, 2007

I Predict: An End to Resistance to Stem Cell Research

Now that it appears there is a strong chance that embryonic stem cell research provides a remedy for male-pattern baldness, I'm guessing we'll see a lot less resistance to new lines of cells being made available to scientists.  It's like the old feminist saying,  "If men got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." 

Reuters has an article by Will Dunham that  reports on findings from a team of scientists led by Dr. George Cotsarelis, a dermatology professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.  The article says:

Mice with deep skin wounds can grow new hair, scientists said on Wednesday in a finding that offers hope for a baldness remedy for humans.

The mice regenerated hair at the site of the wound via molecular processes similar to those used in embryonic development, according to the research, published in the journal Nature.

The findings show mammals possess greater regenerative abilities than commonly believed. While some amphibians can regenerate limbs and some reptiles can regenerate tails, regeneration in mammals is far more limited.

If there is a cure for baldness and that cure comes from using stem cells to regenerate hair, I'm giving it maybe three years before there is a change in policy.  Of course in three years I fully expect that there will be a Democratic President and a strong Democratic Congress so the prediction isn't really worth much since a change in stem-cell research policy is likely to be one of the first changes that comes with sanity in both the Executive and the Congressional wings of government.  And, with luck, we'll never know if it would have occurred even under Republican domination. 

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Yup, it's in the bag, lol.

Posted by: op99 | May 20, 2007 5:53:14 PM

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