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May 16, 2007

More Evidence: U.S. Attorney Firings Are ALL About Bogus Voter Fraud Claims. Drip, Drip, Drip...

At this point, the Bush Justice Department is imploding from within. Four officials have resigned over the scandal involving the U.S. attorney firings. The White House and the DOJ are still stonewalling over the "misplaced" Karl Rove emails, and Abu Gonzales is actually starting to make criminals like John Mitchell and Ed Meese seem palatable. From McClatchy:

The Justice Department last year considered firing two U.S. attorneys in Florida and Colorado, states where allegations of voter fraud and countercharges of voter intimidation have flown in recent years, congressional investigators have learned.

That brings to nine the number of battleground election states where the Bush administration set out to replace some of the nation's top prosecutors. In at least seven states, it now appears, U.S. attorneys were fired or considered for firing as Republicans in those states urged investigations or prosecutions of alleged Democratic voter fraud.


Congress has since learned that the White House and Justice Department were also pursuing voter fraud inquiries just weeks before last November's election in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Mexico and were raising concerns about Nevada. 


A U.S. attorney in Minnesota, who disagreed with the Justice Department on a case involving voting rolls, was asked to resign early last year.

It boggles the mind how deep into the poisoned well the corruption of the Bush administration flows, but even more startling is the fact that the people mired in the Bush filth so often worm their way back into the seat of power. The blatant criminality and rank incompetence of the worst seem to be celebrated and encouraged at the highest levels. How else to explain the elevation of the egomaniacal Paul Wolfowitz to the World Bank? Or the presidential campaign of Tommy Thompson, who can't stop himself from making the most foolish of gaffes? Or former Rove buddy and RNC official Tim Griffin -- a practiced hand at voter suppression tactics -- being installed as U.S. attorney in Arkansas, replacing the well-respected Bud Cummins?

The Democratic Congress has only recently begun investigations into the U.S. attorney firings, the disappearance of billions of dollars paid to contractors in Iraq, the adminstration's obsession with spying on American citizens and breaking the FISA law in order to do so -- the list is practically endless. And in each case, the legislators have found that, by just scratching the surface, the cover is peeling back to expose even more corruption underneath. It's like the Pentimento that Lillian Hellman famously wrote about, where the painting you see is really only the top layer of many, seemingly opaque, deeper layers that compose the original painting, revealing the true image.

The paint is slowly but surely peeling away from the Bush portrait. The images seeping forward are unparalleled in ugliness, but they are images that, literally, need to be seen to be believed.

Update: The Washington Post reports that a total of 26 prosecutors were considered for firing between February 2005 and December 2006. There were numerous lists circulating, drawn up by many different people at the DOJ, and the targets kept changing. The one constant is that those who were targeted and then kept on their jobs, had no idea they were targeted  -- or why.

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