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May 05, 2007

Must See Video of McKay on KCTS Connects

Josh Marshall at TPM has developed a wonderful new media, which he calls TPM Media.  He regularly puts up video-clips that uncover the Republican corruption.  On Friday, he put up clips of McKay on KCTS Connects from footage taped by local TPM readers.  It is even more powerful than I remember. 

I wrote about McKay's appearance on KCTS Connects and what appears to be McKay's motivation in not going quietly into the night after being fired by yet undetermined powers-that-be in the White House and DoJ.  He is a total believer in the rule of law and refuses to see it undermined by the corrupt gang in the WH. 

Luckily he is joined in this fierce belief by James Comey and David Margolis, both of whom are likely to be of significant help in the investigations that Leahy and Waxman and others are conducting from the House and Senate.

Watch Josh and McKay here.

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