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May 31, 2007

On Meeting Elizabeth Edwards

No, not me, sorry to say.  Teacherken, a regular over at DailyKos, has some observations after meeting Elizabeth Edwards at a campaign event in Virginia.

It is a lovely read about a woman who is clearly extraordinary.  Here's a small piece of it:

Elizabeth is fairly short, although her presence is large.  She actually looks fairly good despite the health problems, and staff tries to make sure she gets sufficient down time.  She is a very warm person, engages well with people, and quickly learns their names, and what interests them, as she demonstrated multiple times when she was addressing the group.  She also has an easy sense of humor, and is quite comfortable making jokes at her own expense.  In one interchange she and I had during Q&A, she remarked that of course she was talking without specific detailed knowledge, and I assured her that as a blogger I do it all the time, and she laughed.

The event was held at the home of a well-known trial lawyer, whom the writer knows.  The lawyer said that he had met one of the professors at the law school that both Elizabeth and John attended and the professor said that Elizabeth was "easily the brightest and best student he had ever taught". 

Here's what Elizabeth said about the haircut since this one event has haunted the early part of the race:

She was of course asked about the haircut.  She explained that it was a campaign failure.  The only time John could sit for the haircut was at about 11:30 at night.  That meant the barber had to come to the hotel.  Apparently the normal salon rate was around $100, and as Elizabeth notes, John has a lot of cowlicks.  What made it so expensive was the time and the location.  They thought it was supposed to be paid from their private funds, and it was flagged that way within the campaign, but somehow someone goofed and paid with campaign funds, which of course created the problem. 

Like most of us, I think we on the Democratic side have a lot of wonderful candidates to choose from and I have no intention of weighing in on one over the other yet.  I must say, though, that Edwards' wife of 30 years and their relationship, stands right up there with his clear understanding of the value of labor unions and a focus on poverty as the pluses on his page in the candidate ledger.

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The very young David Montoya, who schooled in politics here and in California before relo to DC area and social network site activism for Kaine, Clark and Warner, also reports a very positive EE Experience.

Posted by: RonK, Seattle | May 31, 2007 9:08:15 PM

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