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May 04, 2007

Rove Coached Moschella on His Upcoming Congressional Testimony

Oh please. At this point, anyone who still wants to suggest that Karl Rove wasn't intimately involved with the USA's scandal from the very beginning is just blowing fetid smoke. Now it's been revealed that he was coaching deputy AG Will Moschella on what to tell the House Judiciary Committee back in March. Politicizing the DOJ much?

According to McNulty’s account, Rove came late to the meeting and left early. But while he was there he spoke up and echoed a point that was made by the other White House aides: The Justice Department needed to provide specific reasons why it terminated the eight prosecutors in order to rebut Democratic charges that the firings were politically motivated. The point Rove and other White House officials made is “you all need to explain what you did and why you did it,” McNulty told the investigators.

The problem, according to the Democratic aide, is that Rove and Kelley never told Moschella  about the White House’s own role in pushing to have some U.S. attorneys fired in the first place. Moschella followed the coaching by Rove and others—and made no mention of White House involvement in the firings during his March 6, 2007, testimony to the House Judiciary Committee. “They let Moschella come up here without telling him the full story,” said the Democratic staffer.

Rove instructed Moschella to stick to the phony story about "performance-related issues". And since White House counsel Fred Fielding (who still pretends to have learned lessons from the Watergate cover-up) was also in the meeting, participating in the coaching, there may be a reason to investigate him as well. As always, the White House is not allowing Rove to testify before the judiciary committees unless it's in secret, and without a transcript.

Fat chance. This is where the "history repeats itself" part comes in. And since anyone in the White House forgot, it takes a lot of expertise to fully erase emails from a hard-drive...

Posted by shoephone on May 4, 2007 at 08:42 AM in National and International Politics | Permalink


Kind of puts the lie to the whole thing about the reasons being proper, doesn't it, when they have to have a meeting to get their stories straight and come up with an actual reason that would end all the questions. These are the kinds of meetings people have when they think they are still smart enough to keep the worst of the shit from hitting the fan.

It's pretty insulting to the intelligence of the committee and to the American people that they actually thought that would work.

Can't wait for the day when Rove finally gets what is due him.

Posted by: Anne | May 4, 2007 9:10:15 AM

If there is any justice, his hubris will bring Rove down. Won't it?

Posted by: op99 | May 4, 2007 3:18:22 PM

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