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May 27, 2007

Thoughts on watching Flight 93 and the Iraq vote

I wrote the following on my personal blog Idealog and thought I'd share an excerpt here:

What happened on 9-11 was deadly serious. Watching Flight 93 helps you get back in touch with that day. I think that has merits...as the past six years have slowly separated us from the pain of that day. But I don't get the sense that we've learned very many valuable lessons. If we're really to honor the 9-11 victims, we need to reassess everything about our country's current course and investments.

To that end, Congress' renewal of Bush's blank check for Iraq is a sad footnote to this.

By the end of the movie, I was most upset by the disconnect between the American people's will and the actions of their elected representatives. If our democracy ever existed in truth, it is badly damaged right now. Perhaps we can all put our efforts into redirecting the people's will on our government.

The following New York Times article speaks about how a judge is considering increasing the sentence of environmental activists, who committed serious crimes against property, using terrorism statues: "Last week, Judge Aiken rejected those arguments, ruling that some of the crimes could be sentenced under the “terrorism enhancement,” which can add substantial time to a prison term, if they were intended to retaliate against, coerce or intimidate the government."

In light of the recent Iraq vote and the situation there, I think it's important for all Americans to coerce our government albeit through strategic non-violent means and to some extent intimidating irresponsible lawmakers who have lost their way - with the threat of the people's next vote or political action. It frightens me to see a judge use that kind of language as if challenging the government might be some kind of crime. It is a very slippery slope when pressuring the government is seen as illegal. The government is an extension of us. We are not its minions.

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With all due respect, Flight 93 is propaganda based not on historical facts, but on the official story put out by the White House with no evidence to back it up. I'm all for heroic people taking out terrorists, but the truth is an awful lot more like some people stormed the cabin and realized no one was flying the plane, grabbed the controls, and then got shot out of the sky by a missile from a US fighter plane.

You shouldn't believe everything you see on TV. These corrupt criminals lie about everything they can get away with. And sadly, Washington Democrats have mostly gone along with it when it comes to September 11th. Google "Loose Change" to see a great video on what really happened that day.

Posted by: Tahoma Activist | Jun 5, 2007 6:53:32 AM

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