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June 06, 2007

Cheney and Goodling: Profiles in Power

Who could have guessed that the evil menace lurking around every dark corner of the White House and the ever-so-innocent looking DOJ ingenue could have so much in common? Appearances can be deceiving, I guess. But when it comes to wielding power, watch out! These two are the new Die-namic Duo.

Cheney proved his mettle by messin' with the HR Department at Main Justice after his Bush's White House had failed to get John Ashcroft -- then inconveniently holed up in a hospital ICU -- to sign off on an illegal, unconstitutional plan to spy on America's citizens:

Vice President Dick Cheney blocked the promotion of a Justice Department official involved in a bedside standoff over President Bush's eavesdropping program, a Senate committee learned Wednesday.

In a written account, former Deputy Attorney General James Comey said Cheney warned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales that he would oppose the promotion of a department official who once threatened to resign over the program.

Gonzales eventually decided against trying to promote Patrick Philbin to principal deputy solicitor general, Comey said.

"I understood that someone at the White House communicated to Attorney General Gonzales that the vice president would oppose the appointment if the attorney general pursued the matter," Comey wrote. "The attorney general chose not to pursue it."

Oh dear, that Dick.

Monigoo, not to be outdone in the lust-for-power competition, was working stealthily behind the scenes:

Also Wednesday, the department released new pages of internal e-mails and documents that partly detail efforts by the department's former White House liaison, Monica Goodling, in January, 2006 to obtain authority to hire and fire staffers.

"Ok to send up directly to me, outside the system," Goodling wrote in a January 19, 2006 e-mail to Paul Corts, the assistant attorney general for administration.

"System"? There's a system in place? I suppose this is what Monigoo meant when she admitted to the House Judiciary Committee that she may have... "crossed the line". She was certain she didn't break any laws, but who cares about laws, or even traditional government standards, when P*O*W*E*R is the prize for ingenuity?

I can certainly understand the appeal. The very prospect of having that much power over other people's lives and livelihoods makes me feel dizzy with glee. Does it do that to you too?

Posted by shoephone on June 6, 2007 at 08:10 PM in National and International Politics | Permalink


Nope. It scares the carp out of me that Monigoo was stacking civil service career positions with ideologues. How many Monigoos (Mongooses?) are doing that in other departments? In all of them, is my guess.

Posted by: op99 | Jun 6, 2007 8:59:26 PM

All I can say is, thank God the judiciary committees sufficiently scared the *carp* out of HER. Her resignation was a gift, because at this point, the only place she could possibly end up would be as an advisor to the Fred Thompson campaign, where her brother-in-arms Tim Griffin is headed.

But if anybody should be impeached, convicted and thrown into prison for the rest of his days it's Cheney. The man is the biggest damn criminal this country's politics have ever seen.

Posted by: shoephone | Jun 6, 2007 9:16:41 PM

Keith Olberman opens with this story tonight.

Posted by: op99 | Jun 7, 2007 5:11:37 PM

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