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June 20, 2007

More Videos that Reach us with Humor

Really good videos that touch our funny bone are going to be what changes the political landscape this year.  I put up a playful video of two of John Edwards' staffers making and burning a pie (use a timer, dummies!) the other day. 

Today, along similar lines, we've got a video-clip of Bill and Hillary trying, and sometimes succeeding, in being funny doing a knock-off of the last scene of the Sopranos.   

Then we have an issue video that does something somewhat similar.  It is like a long, playful but instructive clip that lets us see the absolute looniness of our current drug laws and how they come to be.

Kudos to Hillary for taking the risk and to Brasscheck TV for their on-going work to bring issues to the table in a way we can digest them.  This next election cycle is likely to be rather entertaining.

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