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June 17, 2007

Playing with Video and Politics

The Edwards campaign looks to be making excellent use of video right out of the gate on this campaign.  I didn't get around to sending this out a couple weeks ago when I first saw it but I loved it.  Prior to John's birthday last week, Elizabeth sent out a call for folks to watch a video-clip of the famous Joe Trippi and another Edwards staffer, Jonathan Prince, attempting to make a pecan pie using a recipe of Bobbie Edwards, John's mother. 

The video is hilarious and points that way to a new use of this new media - pulling folks in by being playful.  And, the offer is still good, despite John's birthday being past.

The campaign gig is to get folks to give a pretty small amount of money to get the recipe for pecan pie in return for providing their email.  Look for more like this as a way to break through the mass of political emails that we are each receiving these days.

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