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June 30, 2007

The Democratic Nominee's Acceptance Speech

Ted Sorenson, President Kennedy's speech writer has prepared an acceptance speech for the next Democratic nominee for President of the United States.  Our job is to find the person who will be able to deliver that speech or something very like it.   Looseheadprop at Firedoglake, points us to the Washington Monthly article with the "speech", called "The New Vision" that they asked Sorenson to write. 

Here are some highlights:

The threat of another terrorist attack upon our homeland has not been reduced by all the new layers of porous bureaucracy that proved their ineptitude in New Orleans; nor by all the needless, mindless curbs on our personal liberties and privacy; nor by expensive new weaponry that is utterly useless in stopping a fanatic willing to blow himself up for his cause.

I will not shrink from opposing any party faction, any special interest group, or any major donor whose demands are contrary to the national interest. Nor will I shrink from calling myself a liberal, in the same sense that Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt, John and Robert Kennedy, and Harry Truman were liberals—liberals who proved that government is not a necessary evil, but rather the best means of creating a healthier, more educated, and more prosperous America.

During these last several years, our nation has been bitterly divided and deceived by illicit actions in high places, by violations of federal, constitutional, and international law.

We have adopted some of the most indefensible tactics of our enemies, including torture and indefinite detention.

We have degraded our military.

Looseheadprop points to the real jewel in the "speech" - the call to awaken to the reality of this administration's trashing of our country's greatness, the call to believe in America again and to come together to take our country back:

True, some of us have been sleeping for these eight long years, while our nation’s values have been traduced, our liberties reduced, and our moral authority around the world trampled and shattered by a nightmare of ideological incompetence. But now we are awakening and taking our country back. Now people all across America are starting to believe in America again. We are coming back, back to the heights of greatness, back to America’s proud role as a temple of justice and a champion of peace.

The purpose of public office is to do good, not harm; to change lives, help lives, and save lives, not destroy them. I look upon the presidency not as an opportunity to rule, but as an opportunity to serve. I intend to serve all the people, regardless of party, race, region, or religion.

The entire "speech" is great.  Take a read and then let's get out there to find and help that nominee and Democrats of that mold at every level of government.

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I don't want a nominee who is willing give this speech. I want a nominee who can live up to it.

Posted by: Cujo359 | Jun 30, 2007 12:54:35 PM


Posted by: Lynn | Jun 30, 2007 1:24:15 PM

I think what bothers me about this "acceptance speech," is the "duh!" reaction I had from it; we are still 13 months away from hearing an acceptance speech from the Democratic nominee, and if that nominee finds it necessary to say the equivalent of what Sorenson has written, I think it will be too late for the words to rouse people to the polls.

What he says makes sense now - made sense in 2004 - but I think in 2007, we should be long past the need to point out the obvious.

Much of what Sorenson has written was what galvanized people to work for Democratic candidates and get out the vote in 2006 - and none of the issues that energized us then are any less urgent and worthy of our attention and our efforts to be agents of change as we head into the 2008 elections.

By the time the Democratic nominee takes the stage in August of 2008, I hope we are closer to getting our country back than Sorenson's speech would seem to indicate. What I hope to hear that night is that, due to our hard work, our men and women are on their way home from Iraq, that they are coming home assured of the treatment and care they need to transition back into the lives they put on hold, that detainees are getting hearings, that Gitmo has been closed and renditions have been halted. I hope by that night that we are on the way to putting "justice" back in the Department of Justice, that we can be more confident that the votes we cast will be counted, that surveillance complies with the law, and so much more.

Sorenson's speech should be rallying us to work harder to attain the goals we have set, and to see that the elections will guarantee that the work can go on.

Posted by: Anne | Jun 30, 2007 7:18:32 PM

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