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June 08, 2007

White House Freaking Out - Hires Nine More Attys to Fend Off Congressional Investigators

The Friday afternoon news dumps from the Bush White House have become legendary, and today's dump has two notable examples of why these creeps are always trying to hide what they're doing:

The White House put out a press release today explaining that nine new attorneys have just been hired to join White House Counsel Fred Fielding's team. Why would this be happening? Well, TPM reader AB points out that three of the nine come from Fielding's own law firm, and that it's likely he's getting the band back together for a big show -- a show of force, that is, against congressional investigators looking into all the slimey (and probably criminal) events that have landed the Justice Department in so much hot water. "Freaking out" would not be too strong a term for what is going on in the Bush White House these days. The U.S. attorneys scandal is sinking the Bush administration like a stone: from revelations about Karl Rove's role in the bogus voter fraud allegations, as well as the exploits of his voter suppression expert, Tim Griffin, Abu Gonzales' prime directive to now-departed underlings Sampson and Goodling, giving them authority for hiring and firing Justice Department employees, to the fact that some of the ousted U.S. Attorneys are holding public seminars on the unprecedented nature of the episode. None of that bodes well for the Bushies, who are famous for keeping everything a deep, dark secret from the American people. And some of the most damning evidence yet about the criminal capers of the DOJ and the White House itself -- right on up to the president and vice-president -- has to be the testimony that former acting attorney general James Comey supplied to the Senate Judiciary Committee a few weeks ago. It's not going over too well that Bush and Cheney ordered their henchmen to strong-arm a hospitalized man into signing away our civil liberties.

I can see why they might be feeling the need to "lawyer up".

The other notable news item is that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Peter Pace, has abruptly announced his retirement, although he was not slated to leave that post until the fall. The man replacing him, Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, is quite the catch -- that is, if you're salivating like a junkyard dog to militarily attack Iran:

When Fallon was appointed in January to lead CentCom, analysts noted the choice of a Navy officer reflected “a greater emphasis on countering Iranian power, a mission that relies heavily on naval forces and combat airpower to project American influence in the Persian Gulf.” In announcing the nomination of Mullen this afternoon, CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr said that Mullen “watches Iran closely.”

Just another Friday at the White House.

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Thanks for the update!!

Pete M

Posted by: CoolAqua | Jun 8, 2007 1:03:08 PM

A whole squad of lawyers at once. I'd say they really are freaking out.

Posted by: Cujo359 | Jun 8, 2007 9:35:31 PM

If I was GWB, I'd be drinking again, too.

Posted by: op99 | Jun 8, 2007 10:12:36 PM

to op99...to funny..Im rolling on the floor..needed a good laugh...it is sad but true...he is drinking again..

Posted by: sharon | Jun 9, 2007 6:33:39 PM

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