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July 17, 2007

Harry Reid Retunes His Antenna

The next time someone tells you to shut up and let the big boys handle things, point them to Cujo's post, an excellent synopsis on the events of the last few days in the life of Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats. It shows clearly that not sitting down and shutting up, but storming the halls of power with our protests is very much in the interest of the party and more importantly, The People. Reid has located his old boxing gloves and suited up. He's forcing the Republicans to either show-and-tell on their filibuster threats or act like adults and quit obstructing The People's business. Cujo gives major credit to Mimikatz, as do I. He also quotes from John Nichols' piece in the Nation:

Harry Reid is finally coming to the realization reached months ago by the American people: That Democrats in Congress have been played for suckers by the Bush White House and its Republican allies on Capitol Hill.

The Senate majority leader's recognition of the realities of Washington in the Bush era -- as evidenced by his decision Monday to set up a scenario that could clarify the role played by Republican senators in maintaining the president's exceptionally unpopular approach to the Iraq War -- holds out the prospect that the politics of the debate over ending the occupation could change radically in the weeks to come.

Cujo makes clear that, as this is only Reid's first step in using the powers of the majority, we cannot let up just yet. The Senate Democrats are sick and tired of Republicans jamming up the works of government, to be sure, but the clamoring from the rest of us had a whole lot to do with this change in strategy.

It's difficult to see sometimes, but words have meaning. Our words, together with those of other party activists, made this happen. Actions also have meaning and our politicians sometimes respond to them. Without them, I suspect this this would have been just another day when the Republicans were allowed to obstruct a bill without even having to work hard [...]

I concur, wholeheartedly. It's time to make Republicans show their true colors for all to see -- as they consistently vote against the troops they so dishonestly claim to support, as they vote for ever more carnage in Iraq, and as they act to prop up an authoritarian dictator like Bush, whose approval ratings are still lingering between toilet and sewer. So, the filibuster battle is a great place to start.

Get a seat. Round One begins.

Posted by shoephone on July 17, 2007 at 09:21 AM in National and International Politics, Strategery, Taking Action | Permalink


...Bush...whose approval ratings are still lingering between toilet and sewer

kind of like that turd that just won't flush...

This is an encouraging development, and I hope the Dem caucus will, in general, be energized by it.

Now, if we could just get a few Dems on the morning and evening news shows to discuss their points of view, instead of Republicans continuing to be asked to appear to distort, I mean, explain the Democratic position, we'd really be making some headway.

Posted by: Anne | Jul 17, 2007 10:10:04 AM

Dems been suckers since RayGun in 1981, when over 47% of the eligible voters didn't even freaking vote, BUT

RayGun had a mandate! ha ha ha.

Harry has had his head up his ass, to be blunt, as have most of the over paid over fed under worked DC Dem parasties,

Hopefully he'll keep his head out in the sunshine?

I've been listening to lame excuses for 26 years, how about you?


Posted by: seabos84 | Jul 17, 2007 6:42:07 PM

Hi shoephone, thanks for the mention.

Anne makes an interesting point. It's tough to be on the side that's taking a shellacking. That's where the Democrats in the Senate have been the last few months. There are some who will be apprehensive about this move, but I suspect most will look forward to it. At least, I certainly hope they will. If they aren't, maybe they should find another line of work.

Posted by: Cujo359 | Jul 17, 2007 9:20:52 PM

Kathleen Brose - I just tried to post a response to your comment and it got deleted, along with your comment. I have no idea why, but sometimes Typepad does funny things with comments and gives an "error message". I will try and briefly reconstruct my response.

Firstly, I stand by the comment I wrote on Taylor's blog. You can yell "slander" all you want, but I distinctly remember you making racist comments in the office one day and frankly, it stunned me. The comments were not directed at me (I'm not a person of color), but I do remember that you made them. Some people might say they were "racially insensitive" rather than "racist" but I don't make those distinctions. In any event, it made enough of an impression to stick with me all this time. And I doubt you'll have success trying to dispute my memories. Secondly, you were quite unpleasant to deal with, and sorry to report, but it was a fairly universal feeling among the employees.

Thirdly, you're right about the timeframe of your lawsuit, and I was wrong. Before going to Taylor's place I had heard a discussion about your case on the radio and that you had filed the suit after your daughter graduated. I should have double-checked and that was my mistake, mea culpa. That being said, something written in the comment section of a small blog is not quite the same as writing a front page post on a blog and as I recall, that point was not responded to by other commenters. However, if you really want to get fired up, I'd direct you to the Letters to the Editor that appeared in the Seattle Times shortly after your piece was published. The first, in particular (by Larry Kimmett) does a good job of disecting the false basis of the court's decision in your case, by showing how Brown v. Board will suffer because of it, rather than be strengthened by it.

Finally, I have no idea who stole money out of your purse or stole toilet paper from the office restrooms (lol!) but I wish you great good luck in finding that person. It sounds as though you are into punishing them...

And as for me, well I'm "shoephone" and I'm sure you'll find a way to deal with it, as I've really never had plans to post about you or your lawsuit. You see, I've got my hands full trying to get our Washington State congresspeople to help end the illegal war our president started in Iraq. It keeps me pretty busy.

Posted by: shoephone | Jul 18, 2007 12:02:04 AM

KB - I've had 24 hours to think about this and I must concede that you are right that I went overboard with my insult. Although I thought the comment (from back then) was racist in nature, that doesn't mean you are a racist. Apologies.

Posted by: shoephone | Jul 18, 2007 9:39:04 PM

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