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July 12, 2007

McCain Tottering; Guiliani Next?

This is getting fun to watch.  It's only a matter of days before McCain quits.  He has only $2 million cash on hand and a debt of $1.5 million.  In addition, he may be charged with breaking Senate ethics rules by using the Republican cloakroom in the Senate to try to raise campaign funds in a desperate attempt to raise more money from his remaining donors.  (And, as Adam B asks over at DailyKos, don't you want to know which Republican turned him in?) Charlie Cook says he's done.

Meanwhile the International Association of Fire Fighters has had it with Rudy running on his "leadership" on 9/11.  They have a powerful video-clip up on YouTube laying out the truth about Guiiani's leadership while mayor.  It's so Republican.  His administration did not follow the rules - or common sense - about acquiring needed new radios for the city fire fighters.  They did a sole bid and no testing.  The first time the new equipment was used in 2000, it failed and was taken out of use.  Firefighters went back to the old equipment that didn't work either. 

On 9/11, fire fighters were ordered out of the Twin Towers in plenty of time to make it out.  Not a one came out.  In contrast every single police officer made it out; their equipment worked. 

This video-clip went up less than 2 days ago and has already had over 40,000 hits.  Guiliani was already having difficulty walking the line on abortion and gay rights - not to mention that amazing set of photos of him cross-dressing.  His poll numbers have been dropping.  I'd guess he has about two months left before he's in nearly as bad shape as McCain.

So then we bring up the B team - in this case, probably Fred Thompson and Sam Brownback - to join Mitt Romney in the top tier.  Whew!  It'll be as interesting to watch the public turn away from them as it has the earlier crew.

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