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July 28, 2007

NARAL is Hip

Washington Pro-Choice NARAL has figured out how to appeal to younger folks.  Earlier this week I was at a Karaoke event at the Mainstage Comedy and Music Club sponsored by NARAL - a fundraiser for young people.  It was a blast and at least 90% of the folks in the room were in their 20's.  Now, I find that they have made a YouTube video about the "grown-up" fundraising breakfast they had downtown at the Sheraton a month or so ago.  This is their first video, I suspect, and they are just learning how to make them interesting but it is a great start.  And believe me, if the camera person I saw at the Karaoke event was there to make a similar YouTube about that event, it will be a hit.

Learning to appeal to young voters is wildly critical for progressive organizations to figure out.  So kudos to Karen Cooper, the Executive Director.  She has known for years that the future of her organization lay in bringing in younger people.  She hires young women and they are often the face of the organization - as the woman who introduces the video-clip or the MC at the Karaoke event.

So, Karen sat at a booth at the Karaoke event with a huge Cheshire cat grin, seeing just how well her long-range strategy has paid off.  It was lovely to watch. 

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