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July 09, 2007

The Bird Flu Pandemic is Still a Grave Possibility

My sister and brother-in-law looked at me skeptically when they were moving last week and had to deal with the water and stored food I'd strongly suggested they stockpile a couple winters ago. 

No, the bird flu has not yet arrived and I am completely grateful.  However, that doesn't mean it won't. 

Erica Barnett at the Stranger has a great article on why we should not forget there is still a strong possibility, she says certainty, that we will get hit on this planet with a pandemic the likes of the 1918 bird flu pandemic that killed between 40 and 50 million people around the globe. 

She focuses on taking care that we have a six week supply of food, water, medical supplies and toilet paper.  But in the process of trying to catch our attention on why we need to do this, she provides just the right amount of information from local and national specialists.   

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