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July 14, 2007

Update on the Pervert Psychologist

The authorities are now weighing in:

A noted psychologist, now under investigation for voyeurism, had such a successful practice evaluating both sexual abuse victims and priests accused of molestation that several lawyers said the allegations against him might call into question numerous cases settled on the basis of his expert opinion.

"This guy had his finger on every single Catholic church perp in the state -- if not the region," said John Manly, an attorney who has sued the Jesuit Order for ignoring deviant priests and took testimony from the therapist.

At least once, Manly said, the psychologist evaluated a priest who had sexually abused dozens of women and girls, but apparently missed the signs.

I'm willing to bet the sexual abuse victims who trusted this guy and relied on his so-called expertise to jail their perpetrators aren't going to be very forgiving. Look for lawsuits in the near future.

The pervert claims he never videotaped clients (uh huh, sure), only fellow pychologists using the restroom in his office building. Well, gee. That makes us all feel better. Meanwhile, a former client of his commented in the Soundoff section and her memories about first (and lasting) impressions lend real gravity to the "creep" factor. Also, she names him.

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The Catholic church must be pooping its pants to have this stuff (like Jesus) resurrected.

Posted by: op99 | Jul 14, 2007 3:27:27 PM

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