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August 31, 2007

Eli Nails It

The Stranger's Eli Sanders has the best coverage on last Monday's Bellevue doings of any of the media.  There was Bush's visit (now, why did Reichert even allow it to happen at all?), Darcy's Town Hall (an unprecedented amount of money raised; an opportunity to discuss a responsible exit plan) and the protesters outside Bush's talk (in Bellevue?). 

He also references David Goldstein of Horsesass, who's one of the smarter political folks around, as well as the big blogger in the neighborhood.

Take a read.

Posted by Lynn Allen on August 31, 2007 at 07:32 AM in Media, National and International Politics | Permalink


I haven't heard anything about thie Seahawk show last Monday and I think it is worthy of at least a comment. While we were outside during Bush's visit wearing orange and being pushed around by a very large number of Cops costumed as Storm Troopers, the Seawawks football team, represented by its star quarterback and star running back, presented Bush with a Seahawk JJersey.

The Seahawks have represented themselves as being a community team. After all,. we voted for and are paying for their 1/2 billion dollar stadium. Clearly, they no longer represent me, when they presented Bush their Jersey. I guess football is a form of war so it is not surprising the Seahawk franchise should support the deaths that are takuing place in our names in IRAQ . At the same time, I am more interested in having people evaluate this horrid War and not get tied up in the rhetoric of the football team. BUT I DO NOT BELIEVE I WILL EVER HAVE RESPECT FOR THE SEAHAWK MANAGEMENT AND PLAYERS. THEY MAY NOT CARE, BUT I SURE DO. IF YOU HAVE FREE TICKETS TO GIVE ME, GIVE THEM TO THE POOR CHILDREN, AND DON'T TELL THEM WHY I HAVE LOST INTEREST IN FOOTBALL. IF THE TEAM STOOD UP TO THE WELL ARMED STORM TROOPERS, PERHAPS THEY MIGHT UNDERSTAND. OF COURSE, IT IS MY CHOICE TO STAND UP FOR OUR TROOPS AND URGE BRINGING THEM HOME TO THEIR FAMILIES. ACHIEVING PEACE IS NOT ALWAYS EASY.

Their are several actions that might be considered.
1. Grin and Bear it.
2. Boycott the Seahawks until the IRAQ War ends (as I have chosen to do)
3. Carry informational pickets outside Quest on 9/9, their opening game.
4. Present your concerns to our elected officials who seem to oppose the war.
5. Invite your friends to join this action
6. Express you concerns to the Seahawks ownership and management.
7. Write Letters to the Editor and other parts of the Unit.

At least I feel better, having expressed my disappointment at our community Team, that supports the Bush sponsored killing and maiming that appears never ending. SINCERELY, JACK SMITH

Posted by: Jack Smith | Aug 31, 2007 3:56:09 PM

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