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October 31, 2007

Bradley Whitford Will Give You Hope

Wow!  Bradley Whitford gives us direct and no-holds-barred truth-telling. 

Down in California, a rich, conservative Congressional Republican, Darryl Issa, is funding an initiative that has the potential of throwing the 2008 presidential election to the Republicans.  On the face of it, the initiative has some logic.  It would require that California's electoral votes be divided according to the votes in each Congressional district. 

But, of course, the red states (assuming there are any of those left in a year) pretty much all have winner-take-all rules about the electoral votes.  So, California, the biggest blue state, would lose something like 20 of its electoral votes.  In any close presidential race, like all of those in the last several cycles, that would mean a Republican victory in the electoral college, yet one more Republican-sponsored electoral travesty.

This is the second initiative that Darryl Issa has sponsored.  The first changed the face of national politics, calling for the recall of Governor Gray Davis and setting off that spectacle of 100 plus people who signed up to run for governor.  Among them of course, was Arnold Schwartznegger, who walked away with it.  As soon as he entered the race, it was clear that Schwartznegger would likely win unless the Democrats put up someone with huge credibility, like Diane Feinstein (don't laugh, that was true at the time). 

Issa himself ran for governor but withdrew before the actual election, in favor of Schwartznegger.  He cried at the press conference when he made the announcement.  You'd swear that Karl Rove had promised him he could buy the governorship for a mere $1.7 with none of the fuss of a regular election and regular candidates.  And then mean old Arnold had come along and driven through the opening that Issa created. 

I was living in California at the time and it was wild, watching the Democrats behave like deer caught in the headlights.  No Democrat except poor, hapless Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante, jumped into the race.  The Democrats decided that it was wrong to recall Gray Davis and they'd stick with him and hope the voters realized that Davis wasn't that bad.  The money that Issa put into the race, along with a two-year campaign to discredit Governor Gray Davis, meant that the recall worked.  And of course, there were no blogs back then of note.

Arianna Huffington, an intelligent, thoughtful conservative columnist and commentator, ran and was considered one of the few realistic possibilities, along with Bustamante.  The rest of course included a former porn star, a former third tier Vice Presidential candidate and who knows who else. 

So Issa is back with another dirty trick.  However, as Todd Beeton at MyDD says,

So this time we're ready, because if there's one thing Issa didn't have to deal with in the recall effort it was an organized opposition; things are different now. Thanks to my colleagues at the Courage Campaign, the California netroots is mobilized against this initiative, no matter how many lives it has. We killed it once, we'll kill it again and we have Bradley Whitford on board to help us.

Yep.  Take a look.

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