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January 13, 2008

Judge Hollenbeck Gets Award for Biggest Creep of 2008

I may just have to copy honor Keith Olbermann by starting my own version of his "Worst Person in the World" segment. Considering what this creepy Richland judge did to cancer patient Bev Williams, who wears a cap to cover her bald head (from chemotherapy treatments), I name him as 2008's first recipient:

"I was embarrassed. It made me cry," said Williams, who recently underwent six months of chemotherapy for cancer.

Williams said she wouldn't remove the cap as Hollenbeck instructed and left the courtroom, but she believes he could have made an exception when he learned why she wears a cap in public.


Hollenbeck said, "I am very understanding with people who battle with cancer. My own mother died from cancer. I've had hundreds of cancer victims come through my court, and I've never had one not remove their hat, ever."

He added, "Refusal to remove shows contempt for the court and for the judge."

If this jerk wants to see contempt I'll be glad to show him some. Besides the fact that I think he's a liar for saying he's understanding of people with cancer, his stupid "rule" about ordering people to either remove their hats or be ejected from the courtroom is only that -- his stupid rule. It's not a rule of The Court and it's not a rule of the other judges. It's manipulation by an authoritarian control freak. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy got his start in life as the Boys Vice-Principal of a junior high school somewhere.

I have three words for Judge Hollenbeck:

Suck My Hat.

Update: Blogger Darkblack does some impressive investigative work of his own and comes up with a dilly on the judge's lack of attention to what goes on in his own courtroom.

Update 2: Two excellent letters in the Seattle Times express readers' disgust over Hollenbeck's so-called "compassion" for cancer patients. Here's the great closing line to one of them:

I wonder if Hollenbeck's late mother routinely sat in public baldheaded. I doubt it. It's a shame she didn't instill better manners in her son, or explain that in order to garner respect, even a judge must earn it, rather than demand it.

Posted by shoephone on January 13, 2008 at 01:51 AM in Washington Culture | Permalink


What a jerky judge...Probably toilet trained at gunpoint.

Posted by: darkblack | Jan 14, 2008 1:58:41 AM

Looks like he's got a real keen eye for detail, too.


Posted by: darkblack | Jan 14, 2008 2:02:54 AM

Darkblack - Your curiosity + investigative skills = my admiration. I've added the results of your impressive legwork in an "update" on zee front page.

Posted by: shoephone | Jan 14, 2008 9:31:11 AM

call the judge and let him know what you think
(509) 735-8476 ext3392

Posted by: JW | Jan 14, 2008 10:57:25 AM

T'weren't nothin', Shoe. I was struck by the '...Judge Hollenbeck oversaw at least four dozen of the cases involving donations but said he had no idea it was occurring' aspect - 'Gambling? In Rick's Cafe? Shocking!'


Posted by: darkblack | Jan 14, 2008 1:49:35 PM

As a resident of Benton County, can I just tell you we're not all anal-retentive, megalomaniac jerks? Hollenbeck is known for being an oblivious ass and was just as big a sphincter as a private practice attorney. I don't know about his toilet training, but clearly the money his parents spent on sensitivity training was wasted.

Posted by: LeatherJacket | Jan 15, 2008 11:40:19 PM

Leather Jacket - Welcome to EP. It's always good to see folks from Eastern WA here.

Believe me, I don't paint the whole county with a broad brush. I spent my vacation last spring in your neck of the woods and everyone I met was exceptionally nice. But Hollenbeck is, clearly, a piece of work. At first I thought he was just an insensitive, authoritarian jerk. But after reading the link Darkblack provided, it seems he's not too aware of some serious corruption going on right under his nose, and that, just maybe, he doesn't want to know. Not too surprising to find out he was a boneheaded attorney before taking the bench. I hope the voters can get rid of him in the next election, because from what I've seen, he's not meting out justice so much as judgment, and some of that is very questionable.

Posted by: shoephone | Jan 15, 2008 11:55:43 PM

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