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March 21, 2008

Port's Racking up the Legal Fees

The Port of Seattle has already racked up $257,000 in legal fees over allegations of mismanagement and corruption found in auditor Sontaag's report  -- and the Justice Department's inquiry hasn't even begun yet.

One of the law firms hired to represent the Port is charging $526 per hour.

*Your tax dollars at work*.

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March 14, 2008

Wolcott Exposes the Naivete of Liberal Bloggers

And, as usual, he does it with a sweetly swift kick to the knuckleheaded noggins of those who fashion themselves gate crashers:

I've never bought the pre-championship palaver that the Republicans were itching keen to face Hillary in the fall, that her mere presence in the race would energize their white-dumpling demoralized base into mobilizing into peasant mobs ready to storm Frankenstein's castle. The party's true savants had underestimated Hillary when she first ran for Senate and saw Rick Lazio's ears get pinned to the mat, and were unlikely to duplicate that error. I believe they're far more wary of the Clinton machine than the Obama phenomenon because a phenomenon can be pricked or pop of its own accord, leaving behind a melting irridescence, whereas a machine like Clinton's feeds on the negativity thrown at it, a juggernaut nightmare designed to keep the opposition guessing every move and plunge Andrew Sullivan into clammy angst ("I woke up in a cold sweat last Wednesday").

And now along comes Wayne Barrett in the Village Voice persuasively arguing and methodically documenting that the original Obama infatuation emanating from such untrustworthies as Robert Novak, Rush Limbaugh, William Bennett, George Will and others was indeed a hydra-headed head fake:


WIth their lipless smiles and lidless eyes, conservative connivers don't even bother to disguise their duplicity, so proud and gleeful are they of their little tricks. And why shouldn't they be, when so many liberal bloggers and pundits are ready to fall for them.

That about covers it. He's absolutely dead-on.

Now go read Barrett's piece. For me, it was just one more reason to shake my head at the seeming inexperience and trumped up self-importance of so many in the lefty blogoshpere -- because the tactics of the conservative pundits have been utterly transparent. It's a wonder so many have been so blind to them.

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