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August 07, 2008

There's Something About George

George Fearing is a very interesting candidate  who is running for Congress against Doc Hastings in WA-04.  He has several new video and radio clips available on his website and they are some of the most interesting campaign ads I've ever seen. 

My favorite video is called "A Day on the Campaign".   It's an oddly intimate picture of what he does every day to introduce himself to voters and potential donors.  There are several other video-clips; if you watch a couple you begin to see a man who is a little dorky (sorry George) but earnest and competent and almost courtly, in that old-fashioned Southern manner.  He just exudes respect for everyone he deals with.

I have met and talked with George several times and written about him before.  I did an in-depth interview with him last November as his campaign was just getting started.  He is a very straight-forward and open person who seems to be exactly as he presents to the public. 

I've watched as his campaign has grown and he's brought in a few professionals.  It looks from the outside to be run very well.  Every video-clip, every audio-clip is interesting.  He visits every part of a very huge district.  He has the support of Tomas Villanueva, who founded the United Farm Workers of Washington State.  There has been a significant voter registration project in the very large Latino community in Yakima and the Tri-Cities. 

George is very serious about exposing Doc Hastings and what he has done to our democracy.  He has written a series of essays, which were posted at DailyKos and also are collected on his websiteDengre, a regular poster at DailyKos, who has researched the various aspects of the Jack Abramoff scandals extensively, writes about Hastings, Fearing and this race:

In the circles of Hell reserved for politicians there is a special place for those pols who were specifically charged with fighting corruption and chose instead, to enable it.

John McCain is one of those politicians and so is Doc Hastings.

The ethically challenged Doc Hastings has been in Congress since 1994 and his career is highlighted by his extreme dedication to Tom DeLay and the Leaders of his Party. As for the people of his District, they are just the chumps who keep sending him back to Washington no matter how little he does for them. This year, his luck may be about to run out.

This year George Fearing may just send be the person running the campaign that sends Hastings packing.  If you want to see Washington State pull off not one (Darcy) but two Congressional wins, send a bit of money to George.  Take a few minutes to check out his very excellent videos and audios while you're there.

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