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October 08, 2008

Appreciating Obama's Leadership

As I listen to this Town Hall style debate, I am pleased with our opportunity to see these two men.  McCain is pretty good (if not particularly believable) about half the time, when he is talking about issues he seems to know something about or connecting personally with the former Chief Petty Officer in the Navy.  The other half he is cringingly awful - tearing down Obama by lying outright and, in the process, making what he is saying nearly incomprehensible and boring.  Earmarks!  Earmarks!  Obama would raise taxes on small businesses!  Give us a break.

Obama, however, is consistently educating us about what the possibilities are.  He is planning ahead to govern.  I like the way this man's mind works.  He is in the process of learning to do so eloquently; sometimes he makes it now, sometimes not.  It will come. 

This respectful inclusion of us in the conversation is so good to see.  These respectful explanations.  The trust that we will want to know and that we deserve to know.  He's a community organizer and I like it.  I also can't help but think it has something to do with not growing up in privilege. 

Note: The first polls validate the above.  To the question of who won the debate, CBS has McCain at 27%, Obama at 39% and Draw at 35%.  To the question of who did the best job in the debate, CNN has McCain at 30% and Obama at 54%.  In addition, to the question of who was the more intelligent in the debate, CNN has McCain at 25% and Obama at 57%.  The focus group that Stan Greenberg did for Time magazine in Colorado had this: 

Obama walked away with a clear lead in new voters tonight. After the debate ended, 26% of the audience had become McCain supporters while 42% said they planned to vote for Obama. Only a quarter of the group was still undecided.

Even more dramatic was the shift in the voters’ personal reactions to the two candidates. Before the debate, McCain had a 48/46 favorability rating; that improved to 56/36 by the end. But that’s about where Obama started the evening—54/36. After an hour and a half, Obama’s favorability numbers were 80/14.

The American public is paying attention here and seems to be reacting in a sane manner.  In a time when our nation will have huge difficulties to deal with, Obama's thoughtful leadership will be very helpful.

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