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October 10, 2008

David Neiwert on Sarah Palin and the AIP

Sarah Palin really has weird and dangerous supporters who helped get her into office, starting when she was mayor.  Seattle's own David Neiwert, who has worked for years documenting the dangerously radical right for years, went to Wasilla with journalist Max Blumenthal and wrote a long article for Salon about what he found.  It's very disturbing. 

It made me think that Alaska has elements of being like a southern state; the Alaskan Independence Party is quite powerful in Alaska and holds extremist views very similar to post-Confederacy parties in the South. I can hardly wait until after this election to see how the sane folks in Alaska deal with trying to build a sane government there, post Stevens and Young, possibly post impeachment of Palin.

Dave summarizes his Salon article at Orcinus.

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