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October 10, 2008

Elect Gregoire - What's at Stake

My nightmare right now is that Obama will win handily but Gov. Gregoire will lose and we will be stuck with Dino Rossi as governor in a time of huge difficulties when very important decisions will be made.

I watched most of the debate in Spokane on TV last night and was so appreciative of Chris and how she handles herself under pressure.  She's not a great campaigner, no question.  She lacks Obama's ability to use punches as teaching opportunities, to raise the conversation up a notch so he answers the presenting question but also answers the real question under that.  But she is a fine governor, laying good groundwork in many key areas, and would be far better at navigating us through the coming economic, transportation, education, and environment crises.  And she is clearly a good person.

An article in the Times this morning focuses on the style issue. 

Gregoire, who calls herself a "recovering lawyer," is known for fact-laden speeches that are short on sound bites and long on policy initiatives. People generally describe her as "intense."

Perhaps, but I found Rossi to be as disrespectful of the governor and his audience as Bush or McCain or Cheney or any of the Republicans that we are working so hard to get rid of.  He snarls.  He is full of distain. 

And it shows in his behavior as well.  The entire Buildergate scandal shows his contempt for the electorate.    When David Brewster says that Rossi's problems with lawsuits over illegal campaign contributions are getting serious, they are. 

The complicated cases have to do with activities by Rossi support groups, the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) and the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. Both have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the race, opposing Gregoire and pushing conservative causes. There are questions as to whether BIAW concealed a role in bundling worker compensation refunds for donation to the BIAW's political arm and whether Rossi illegally helped coordinate activities by these independent political committees.

So, wherever we are, let's keep talking and working for the Governor, not just Obama.  It important.

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