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October 14, 2008

George Fearing Can Win in the 4th CD

The 4th Congressional District in Central Washington has historically been a Democratic district and George Fearing has a good chance of taking it back for the Democrats on November 4th.  Since the mid-50's, the district has had two moderate Republicans, Catherine May and Sid Morrison, and two Democrats, Mike McCormack and Jay Inslee.  Hastings has been the only Conservative in the 4th.  Hastings has been in office since 1994 and had only one truly viable candidate since then until George.  (And George is a progressive Democrat to boot - take a look at what he's been writing at his website.)Thumbs_georgeheadshotlowres

From over here, George's performance in the primary, getting 35% of the vote, didn't look very good.  But the campaign was thrilled with that number.  The last Democrat to win, Jay Inslee, received only 22.6% in the Primary in his run in 1992 but went on to win with 50.84% in the General.  Democrats apparently just don't vote in large numbers in the primary.  Historically, Democrats get 16% more in the General than they do in the Primary.  If that holds, and it should, George will win.  Yoo Hoo!

George is also likely to get both a Obama coattail boost and a post-economic downturn boost.  So, this is looking good.

George has been running a great campaign.  He hasn't been pulling in the same amounts of money as we are used to having candidates pull in over here but he doesn't need as much.   TV advertising in Central Washington is ridiculously low.  The $50 I gave George in September was enough to pay for five 60-second commercials in Wenatchee.  It's not much more in the Tri-Cities or Ellensburg or Chelan.  In Seattle, one 60-second commercial can go as high as $3000.

So, give George some money.  It doesn't have to be a lot.  And, if you get a chance, he'll be over here at a fundraiser on Oct. 25th, sponsored by Jay Inslee.  You can get more information at the website in a few days.  In the meantime, take a look at the commercials.  They are great.  My favorite is here.

If you want more information, I wrote about George last fall and then again in August.  He's been on my radar screen for over a year.  He will be one heck of a Congressman and a great addition to our Democratic representatives.

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