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October 06, 2008

McCain's Plan For Healthcare: Decimate Medicare and Medicaid

This has to be one of the most cynical, heartless, fascistic and STUPID policies to ever come out of any presidential campaign. You know it's bad news for the Republican candidate when the story is published in the Wall Street Journal:

John McCain would pay for his health plan with major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid, a top aide said, in a move that independent analysts estimate could result in cuts of $1.3 trillion over 10 years to the government programs.

The Republican presidential nominee has said little about the proposed cuts, but they are needed to keep his health-care plan "budget neutral," as he has promised. The McCain campaign hasn't given a specific figure for the cuts, but didn't dispute the analysts' estimate.

In the months since Sen. McCain introduced his health plan, statements made by his campaign have implied that the new tax credits he is proposing to help Americans buy health insurance would be paid for with other tax increases.

But Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Sen. McCain's senior policy adviser, said Sunday that the campaign has always planned to fund the tax credits, in part, with savings from Medicare and Medicaid. Those government health-care programs serve seniors, poor families and the disabled. Medicare spending for the fiscal year ended Sept. 30 is estimated at $457.5 billion.

Could the McCain campaign be any more of a sick joke? The core of his plan to "reform" the health care system is a health insurance tax credit, whereby, a family would get a $5,000 credit. And he wants to pay for that laughable credit (more on that in a moment) by squeezing those who are already unable to cover sky high health care costs -- the elderly and the poor who are covered, respectively, by Medicare and Medicaid. It's all about ideology and doing away with social programs created by Democrats that have served this nation's citizens well. But here's the thing about that that tax credit: it doesn't have much of a relationship to reality. A Kaiser Family Foundation report from just two weeks ago shows that it costs more than $12,000 to insure a family, and that's without any of the family members having pre-existing conditions or serious illnesses (which would, and routinely do, wipe out a family's entire savings).

Premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose to $12,680 annually for family coverage this year – with employees on average paying $3,354 out of their paychecks to cover their share of the cost – and the scope of that coverage has changed, with many more workers now enrolled in high-deductible plans, according to the 2008 Employer Health Benefits Survey released today by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET).  Key findings from the benchmark annual survey of small and large employers were also published today as a Web Exclusive in the journal Health Affairs.

Premiums rose a modest 5 percent this year, but they have more than doubled since 1999 when total family premiums stood at $5,791 (of which workers paid $1,543).  During the same nine-year period, workers’ wages increased 34 percent and general inflation rose 29 percent.

More proof that John McCain really is living in an antiquated fantasy of his own making. But heck, all of his cancer treatments are paid for by Joe and Jane taxpayer -- you and me -- so it's not as if he has a clue what private insurance actually costs.

Furthermore, McCain plans to tax you for every dollar your employer spends on employee health care. So much for "benefits".

Obama has been hitting McCain pretty hard on the health care issue over the weekend. I hope to see more of that in the next debate because if there is one thing that has become crystal clear it is that this nation's citizens -- literally -- cannot afford a John McCain presidency.

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In short, McCain's health program is to take money out of the two government programs that actually provide health care to people, and give them a tax credit with it that won't cover their insurance costs if they're self insured.

Gee, where do I sign up?

Posted by: Cujo359 | Oct 6, 2008 10:24:29 PM

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