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October 06, 2008

This is Happening!

We are literally making a revolution right now.  It's nice to step back for a moment and notice the force of the changes occurring all around us - in the culture, the conversations, the working out a national consensus.  It is watching people of all stripes use whatever platform they have or can create to help in this incredibly important effort - to radically change the direction of our country and fast. . .

To take our country back!  That's what is happening!

It is Bruce Springsteen giving Voter Drive concerts through Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania right now.  He is telling people very eloquently about why he wants us to vote for Obama and there is a huge organization working to register voters all along the way. 

It is Andrew Villeneuve, taking on Tim Eyman with a few friends and some beginning website building skills; then organizing the grassroots through his political blog and the aggregating of blogs all over Washington, Oregon, Idaho and  Alaska.  And then establishing a new Institute, piece by piece, person by person.  And now working with the more established anti-bad initiative folks, helping to connect old and new grassroots folks.

It is the physicians who made a YouTube that requested that McCain release all his health records; it's just what needs to happen when someone is running for the important office of President.  They have specific questions about his melanoma and provide information that comes out of medical experts.  Brave New Films put it together.

It is every PCO in the state who goes out and works in their precincts to get people to register and then to vote. 

It is everyone of those mostly young campaign workers in the many Obama/Gregoire/Goldmark/Burner/Fearing/State Dem/local Dem organizations all over the state. 

And every LD and county Chair and Vice Chair and Political Chair and others who have worked more than they could have imagined possible a year ago.   Thanks Susie and Nathe and Mark and Ivan and Barbara and Bob and Hank and Tim and Steve and Martin and Bryan and Lauren and oh so many more. 

It is every the AP pushing back yesterday on Sarah Palin's attacks on Obama, saying "her attack was unsubstantiated and carried a racially tinged subtext that John McCain himself may come to regret".

It is Ken Burns writing thoughtfully in the Manchester, New Hampshire Union Leader about the difference between the McCain he'd known in the past and this McCain, about how our country is being put in danger by McCain and Palin.

It is about Goldy and his amazing relationships and his great writing and his ability to influence our elections because of how he is adept at making it entertaining.

And Dan.  And Will.  And Geov.  And Markos and McJoan and Arianna and Matt and Chris and Paul and Digby and oh so many more. 

It is about Karen Willard working cheerfully in the 31st LD, recruiting and training volunteers, and doing the same in Pierce County and helping legislative candidates, and Calvin Goings, running for Pierce County Executive, and  . . .

It is about those amazing Alaska bloggers, Celtic Deva and Mudflats, who have, among many others I'm sure, both been chronicling the uprising about Sarah Palin and nudging it on; and then communicating with us outside so we can hear a more sane story about the people of Alaska. 

It is Israelis, both notable and normal, talking in a YouTube about how much they are supporting Obama because they think he will think better about how to work with Israel and with the Palestinians.  They think he will care about their lives as well as ours and understand how much the quality of our lives is intertwined with the quality of theirs. 

It is the folks who came up with The Great Schlep, which aims to have Jewish grandchildren visit their grandparents in Florida, educate them about Obama, and therefore swing the crucial Florida vote in his favor.

It is Matt Damon, talking about how scared we should be about having Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency.  It goes on and on.

It is truly amazing.  And so wonderful to see the tentacles of support we have everywhere because of our very diverse character.  And the creativity.  It is happening.

And we still have 30 days to learn more about what people are doing and to see more people jump in. 

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Don't forget yourself Lynn! It is you too.

Posted by: Daniel K | Oct 6, 2008 10:45:21 PM

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