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November 23, 2008

Lieberman Stinks up the Place on MTP

Joe Lieberman appeared on Meet the Press this morning in an effort save his reputation, but he's still the Democrats' number one traitor. He lied and played the refusenik whenever Brokaw pressed him on why he hasn't apologized for campaigning for the Republican presidential candidate and for supporting Palin's most offensive statements about Obama.

"I regret some of the things I said" just isn't going to cut it. Not with Democratic voters, anyway. Obama made a serious mistake letting this backstabbing creep retain his powerful chairmanship of the Homeland Security Commmittee, a position he has already stained with his incompetence. And, please, don't anybody bore me with that tired old saw, the magical number of 60. Lieberman looks out for nobody but Lieberman. How this reality escapes anyone simply boggles the mind. 

I'm sickened by the current fetishism of bipartisanship. It's especially loathesome when one considers that Republicans are not/will never be interested in working with Democrats. The people who brandished the "nuclear option" are still in power and still in control of their party. They are only interested in obstruction. Dday, over at Digby's place, elaborates on this point quite well, first by quoting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and then by coming to the obvious conclusion:

“What I’m saying to the new president and the new administration: ‘Do big things, and do them in the center, and you’ll be surprised at how much support you might have,’ " he said at the news conference.

Otherwise, McConnell warned, his party would stand together and block a far-left agenda.

“You're likely to have very significant unity among Republicans," he said.

(under the Employee Free Choice Act, if 30% of the workforce wants an secret ballot election they get one. Thought I'd put some facts into the mix)

This is what Barack Obama is stepping into. He's going to offer a hand of friendship and Senate Republicans are going to bite it off. They are thoroughly disinterested in compromise. They view it as a threat.

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