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November 27, 2008

President-Elect Obama's Thanksgiving Day Address

I almost wrote President Obama.  It seems like we have a split presidency right now.  Obama is doing the real leading - like dealing with the economic collapse and bolstering our confidence; Bush is attending to the ceremonial functions like talking to the APEC leaders in Peru and pardoning the national turkey. 

So, here is our real president's Thanksgiving Day Address.  Lovely

Arianna Huffington talks about why she is thankful to the Obamas.  She clarifies what makes me tear up the most about having Barack and Michelle preparing to move into the White House.  Their total decency.

I'm particularly thankful for all the non-political teachable moments we are getting from the Obamas: It's not worth holding a grudge (see asking Hillary to be Secretary of State). There is no one better to help you raise your kids than grandma (see asking "First Granny" Marion Robinson to move into the White House to help Malia and Sasha adjust to life in DC). No matter what they throw at you, stay calm, centered, and collected (see "Muslim," "Socialist," "palling around with terrorists"). All great lessons to bring home with us this Thanksgiving holiday.

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Barack obama sold many democrats with the idea of puilling out of a war started over oil. HE HAS NOT TRUELY ADDRESSED THIS ISSUE SINCE BEING ELECTED. He may be Americas Worst nightmare an Uncle Tom for President.

Posted by: joe | Nov 27, 2008 10:50:54 AM

He may be Americas Worst nightmare an Uncle Tom for President.

Are you kidding me!? The electors haven't even done their thing (Tuesday), and you're bitchin' because he hasn't addressed the "war started over oil."

And if you're going to some racist bullshit to address Barack Obama's actions (or inaction as you see it), then at least use it in the proper context because otherwise you just appear fucking stupid.

Posted by: Wordsmith | Nov 30, 2008 6:19:55 PM

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