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November 17, 2008

Puget Sound Needs Our Attention Now

Over at the Institute for Washington's Future website, I wrote last week about the Draft Action Agenda that the Washington State government-led Puget Sound Partnership developed as a last reasonable plan to save the Puget Sound as we know it.  This week, a private nonprofit organization, People for Puget Sound (PPS), called for people to actively make our voices heard.  "The Partnership’s Action Agenda is a golden opportunity to carry out a recovery plan that is accountable, effective, transparent and decisive with sustained funding that will restore this national treasure to health by 2020." 

They would like us all to weigh in.  It will take a few minutes but far less that a couple hours volunteering on a political campaign took last month and we were glad to do that. 

1) Read or skim through the Draft Action Agenda on the PPS Website.

2) Take a look at the PPS's thoughts about what to focus on:

"Praise the Partnership’s hard work and effort thus far, but suggest that the Partnership also include those issues that most matter to you, some of which might be on this list:

* Benchmarks- Clearly identify benchmarks and sustained funding to get us to a healthy Puget Sound by 2020.
* Sustained Funding- Clearly identify sustained funding to get us to a healthy Puget Sound by 2020.
* Stormwater- Present a comprehensive program on stormwater that gives the roadmap, with benchmarks, for reducing stormwater pollution enough to achieve recovery of Puget Sound by 2020 and that addresses all sources of stormwater pollution – municipal, industrial, construction, roads, etc.;
* Toxics- Significantly beef up toxic pollution prevention elements of the Action Agenda;
* Regulatory Tools- Offer improved regulatory tools for habitat protection, such as habitat standards that will achieve net gains in forest cover, riparian, nearshore and marine vegetation;
* New Funding- Describe in detail the new funding sources dedicated to Puget Sound that will be needed to fully implement the Action Agenda and achieve recovery by 2020."

3) Click here to make a comment.

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