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December 14, 2008

Gratitude to the American People

Watching McCain on "This Week" this morning, I'm reminded of what we might be dealing with had McCain or Clinton been elected.  I doubt that any other President-elect would be getting such high marks for the transition preparation.  As the Wall Street Journal says, "the nation is rooting for him".

I certainly prefer the more sane version of McCain that we are seeing now but he would have been a disaster as President, not to mention the Republicans damage that would have been part and parcel of any McCain presidency.  Imagine the horrific Cabinet appointments.  Imagine the heightened Union-bashing.  Imagine the odds of getting decent healthcare.  Imagine how the rest of the world would be reacting. 

I've always thought that the American people do pretty well when they are paying attention.  The trick now is to keep that up.  Obama is going to need us paying attention to support the action plan we will need to pull us out of this Republican-created disaster we are in as a county,

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